What Advanced Vineyard Systems Does for Your Vineyard

Advanced Vineyard Systems specializes in facilitating legacy vineyards from conception to realization. Whether you are a novice or already established, we will be with you every step of the way.

Vineyard Consultation + Design

Vineyard layout and design are by far the most crucial decisions that will be made in your vineyard. What variety of grapes, what clones, how many different clones, plant spacing, row width, vines per acre, row direction, and irrigation are all decisions that are made in the first year of a vineyard, and will affect the vineyard for years to come. Our consultants will expertly analyze the soils of a site to pair the proper clone and rootstock to the proper blocks.

Land clearing and gentle shaping can increase plantable acreage and make tractor driving safer. Some extra time during those first exciting days when dirt finally begins to fly, can pay rich dividends in the years to come!

© Advanced Vineyard Systems Vineyard Design

Vineyard Development + Construction

Development is done exclusively ‘in house’. We create trellis systems as well as install precision micro-irrigation systems.

Our irrigation systems make it possible to get your first crop of grapes 1 – 2 years before dry-farmed vineyards! The irrigation emitters are completely controlled, allowing us to get the vines established faster, while using as little water as possible, protecting precious water resources.

These top-of-the-line systems will be used as the years pass to protect the grapes from severe drought and heat spikes. Irrigation greatly reduces the number of vines that die during the establishment phase, and thus, greatly increases the uniformity and quality of your vineyard!

© Advanced Vineyard Systems Vineyard Construction

Vineyard Management + Maintenance

Vineyards require a lot of work throughout the years to keep them producing exceptional fruit. An acre of grapes needs 200 hours of labor to bring it through the season from pruning to harvest. Our management team has six decades of combined growing experience, and we bring an unmatched level of enthusiasm and commitment to each and every vineyard. From the Chehalem Mountains, to Ribbon Ridge, to the southern Eola Hills, Advanced Vineyard Systems has seen countless combinations of climate; site, microclimate and vintage play out with the fruit and resultant wines. Our experience and dedication are evident in our vineyards, which are truly premier.
© Advanced Vineyard Systems Vineyard Management

Vineyard Retail Nursery Stock

For new growers or growers who have already established vineyards but want to expand or supplement their acreage, AVS, Inc. can provide premium grafted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay stock. We are also happy to work with you to propagate your own special budwood.

AVS, Inc. provides both green-grafted and dormant potted grapevines in small and large quantities. All vines are grown in soil-free potting mix to ensure a pest free vine. Take advantage of over 20 years of experience grafting and growing the very best vines for the very best vineyards right here in Oregon!

© Advanced Vineyard Systems Vineyard Retail Nursery Stock

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