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JIM KREUTZBENDER | Nursery Manager

Jim Kreutzbenter | Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc. | OregonJim Kreutzbender grew up in Iowa. His family cultivated huge gardens and, as a kid, he was not too thrilled to have to work in them.

Jim attended Iowa State University
where he studied Fish & Wildlife Biology.
But after taking a lot of Botany, he changed
his major and ended up graduating with a
BS in Horticulture.

Jim moved to Oregon in 1976 and worked
in landscaping and retail garden centers
in the McMinnville area. In January of 2006,
started working with Buddy Beck, pruning his blueberries and Asian pears. Shortly after
that, Jim became an assistant in the nursery program, grafting and growing wine grape plants. Today Jim is the Manager of the Nursery.

You can reach Jim at: (503) 437-1728

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