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BUDDY BECK | Founder and President Emeritus of Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc.

Buddy Beck | Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc. | OregonBuddy Beck was born in Montgomery, Alabama and lived in Alabama until 10th grade when he moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. He finished high school in Florida and started college there as well. After a brief stop in Mississippi, he moved to Austin, Texas where he continued going to college.

Buddy graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture. His area of concentration was in plant and soil science. In 1987, Buddy completed a Masters of Agriculture in Horticulture Degree from Oregon State University. His areas of emphasis were in Horticulture, Crop Science and Entomology.

After graduation Buddy went to work with the Dundee Wine Company (Argyle) as the Assistant Vineyard Manager for new development. He worked there for ten years developing and managing the vineyards at Domaine Drouhin Oregon. In 1999 he started Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc. and AVS is now managing about 285 acres of premium Pinot Noir in the North Willamette Valley.

Buddy retired from Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc. in December of 2016.

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