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ANGEL MARTINEZ | Owner | President

Angel Martinez | Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc. | OregonAngel Martinez was born in a small town in Veracruz, Mexico called Coral Nuevo. There, Angel was introduced to agriculture by working with his family growing sugar cane, beans and corn. He came to Oregon in the fall of 1996 and was introduced to viticulture by working the harvest for Buddy Beck at Domaine Drouhin Oregon. He worked there for three years with Buddy.

In 1999, Angel started working for Buddy at Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc. as a Vineyard Foreman. In 2003, Angel was promoted to the Vineyard Site Manager and in 2007 to General Manager of Operations. In 2016 he bought AVS, Inc.

Angel's extensive knowledge  of viticuluture comes from his mentor and good friend Buddy and from many classes he has taken at Chemeketa Community College.

Angel truly enjoys agriculture, but what he loves the most is working the vineyards. He finds that one of the most exciting things about working with the wine grapes is that every season is different, presenting new challenges and opportunities to grow the best wine grapes and to produce spectacular wines.

Even after work, Angel loves being in nature and the outdoors! His hobbies are fishing, camping and spending time with his wife Nicole and daughters, Maria and Rosa.

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